Blind Bastion

Blind Bastion

A Platformer with a Blind Protagonist.

UOC Game Jam 2022 Submission & 1st Place Overall Winner

Blind Bastion was created in four days as a submission for the UOC Game Jam 2022 with the theme of "Stuck in a Loop". Our entry came 1st place out of 30 entries, scoring 3.864 overall and 4.182 under the category of Most Inventive Game.

Feel the Level & Remember Where You've Been

In Blind Bastion your ways of navigation are a little different than normal. You must travel blind, 'discovering' the level as you play and using your newfound knowledge of it each time you die.

With the nature of Game Jams, Blind Bastion could only be released as a one level demo. I aim for a full release one day.

Gameplay Footage